New job while Clearance investigation is still ongoing

Hi, I am likely to be offered a job at another company that requires an “active” clearance upon hire.

I filed my paperwork in February 2019 and received an interim/provisional in July. I haven’t heard whether it’s gone through.

Is a clearance request able to be transferred when in the interim state, given that the new job has a reason to need a clearance? Is this going to be an issue with the new job? I mentioned the provisional to them and they weren’t sure.

Also, what’s the current timeline to get approval nowadays? Considering it’s been 9 months so far. I had a coworker who submitted a week before me and received his full clearance 2 months ago.

Interim will not cut it for the new job, you need to hold an actual clearance.

Merlin is likely correct that they will want an “active” clearance and you don’t have one. However, if you are a very good fit or the position is otherwise difficult to fill, they may take the chance on you.

Yes, the new company should be able to take over your investigation.