New Security Clearance


Your thoughts about international travel during the process of obtaining a first clearance is appreciated.

The 20 year old child of friends is in college ROTC and currently in-process of obtaining their first security clearance. This is the second clearance process attempt, initiated in January 2023 by the new (2nd) ROTC unit, after an unsuccessful initial attempt by the Cadet’s first ROTC unit at a different college. I was told it was a unit-level admin issue that resulted in not obtaining a clearance on the first attempt in Spring 2022.

The cadet and I are concerned that a negative impact to obtaining the security clearance will arise if a planned European trip (Italy, Spain, Austria, Holland, etc) occurs in Summer 2023. The travelers are the cadet’s parents, older sibling, and cadet.

One of the cadet’s parents has a 1st cousin in Holland who is a Dutch citizen and significant contact via Facebook and email occurs yearly between the cousin and parents. The vacation plan is to spend approximately 30 days traveling in Europe with a significant time visiting with the cousin in Holland.

The Cadet is hearing anecdotally from others that not traveling until after the clearance is granted is best. I agree with this thought because of my 25-year plus experiences of having both DOD and DOE clearances. Neither the cadet nor I believe a chance will be granted before the planned Summer 2023 trip.