Denied Interim Clearance

Backstory, Dec 2014 retired after 24 years in the Navy, maintained a secret clearance for 22 of those years. Went to business school in Tokyo, accepted for a GS-11 position in Hawaii this October. Submitted my SF-86 and was told my fingerprints were category 2 and I would have to wait for the full adjudication around 12-18months.

Derogatory information DUI 1996, DUI 2002, but completed a (military) secret clearance renewal in 2007. I have done nothing since to knowing put my clearance at risk. What has changed?

Depending on the agency involved, interims may be rarely granted or can be nearly automatic.

Also, when you say you went to business school in Tokyo, was this after you retired? If so, living overseas for an extended period could be an issue they would like to investigate a little further before granting a clearance.

Thanks, @sbusquirrel. Yes, I went to an American business school in Tokyo the month after I retired and was picked up the month after I graduated. The security manager is supposed to put me in touch with a person that successfully cleared their record, so their prints come back unflagged.

From my experience, extensive travel or living in certain countries in Asia can become a red flag. Did you travel to China?