No birth father?

So I don’t actually have a listed birth father, my birth certificate actually just has xxxxxx listed through it. Should this create a significant issue? Will it create another whole line of questioning? No one has ever been definitively identified as my birth father, nor signed an acknowledgment of paternity since the issuance of my birth certificate, etc.

Many birth records don’t list a father. This should be a fairly common issue and it shouldn’t prevent you from clearing.

I’m not entirely sure… is this a US birth certificate or foreign? At the end of the day, if your legal birth certificate says that information and it’s consistent with your personal history I don’t think they can fault you for it.

If it’s a foreign birth certificate they may give you a hard time, but it’s unlikely and really shouldn’t affect you.

Either way, if it’s anything like my process you will provide copies of it and need to provide is proof for immediate family. Hope this helps.

Not uncommon. If you do not know your father…and your mother does not know or recall the father…you simply do not know. Mark it as unknown, no record, bring birth certificate to show this was an unknown at birth.

Yes, It is a US birth certificate. Supposedly my biological father left when I was born, and my mother was young and well, I think the rest is history.

This is a minor speed bump… more like a small pothole in the process.


I find more of a problem with folks never marrying, yet having children with multiple partners. And I mean multiple. Trying to get a coherent list of half siblings is amazing at times. I’ve had a few prolific…umm…family trees with many, many, many branches.Pages…

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