No contact from intelligence community agency for 1.5 years after poly & BI

Hi all,

I’ve been processing with an intelligence community agency for quite some time now. Over 2 years since SF86, 1.5 since references were contacted & I was polygraphed.

I have extended family that I have no regular contact with in an adversarial country and haven’t really been too surprised by the timeline because of this, I’ve just assumed it takes time

However I have read from some other applicant’s anecdotes on here that they’ve received an occasional check in from the hiring agencies to confirm they’re actively processing. I’ve never received one of these, and since covid have not been able to get in touch via the phone extension I was told to call if I had questions.

Kind of starting to worry I may have already been sent a rejection letter that got lost in transit or something. I imagine it varies by agency, but can any other IC applicants share some insights if they’ve heard anything back in the last year, or been able to get in touch with anyone?


Did you have to submit forms to MAD/ MADO for your foreign contacts? That can take at least a year to process, and that’s after your TS/SCI has been adjudicated.

Not quite the same length as you but I interviewed nearly 5 months ago for a position in the IC and haven’t heard anything. My online portal still says I’m in consideration but hasn’t changed since before the interview.

Nothing to those specific offices as far as I know, but there were some auxiliary forms I submitted for them on top of the SF-86. I’m guessing that’s a similar process that’s adding some time then. Appreciate the info!

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COVID has thrown off those periodic check-ins for me. I’m at ~21 months since SF-86 and ~18 months since poly/psych/medical. I’ve only gotten one “still processing” call over the past year.

If you have a general contact number for the applicant processing office, try calling that rather than just your POC. Periodically, POCs leave for other opportunities, and it is possible that is the case for you.

And, if all else fails, there is always the option to contact your congressperson. They can at least get the agency to confirm that you are still actively processing.

The military members are the only ones that submit for MADO.
Edit: This may not be true.

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24 months is not unusual. After 24 months I recommend shaking the tree.

Why do you have to disclose anything?

@Amberbunny2, any thoughts on how to shake the tree as a govie hire without an FSO contact? The applicant processing office claims they don’t have insight into the security side of things when I call, so I’m not sure what other options are available.