No more Face to Face Interviews


The OP says that they “removed the requirement” for in-person interviews. Not that they are no longer doing or allowed to do them.


Mine was in Jun 4th.


I filled out and submitted the form in March 2018. I had a 90 minute call with SI a couple weeks ago. Almost half the call stayed in 1987…a year I made a few mistakes…31 years ago!!

No felonies, no drug arrests, and nothing but a couple speeding tickets in the last 31 years and now I just got a call we need an in person interview. It def makes it seem like I won’t be getting the clearance but hard to believe it would all be focused on something that was more than half my life ago. All I can, and will, do is tell the truth for all additional questions and hope for the best. I can’t begin my offered job without the clearance.


The investigator has nothing to do with you getting your clearance. Their job is to gather information so that others can make a decision. The extra information in a complete investigation could be the information that mitigates the issue and gets you your clearance. There’s no reason to think that requiring a further interview means that you will not get your clearance.


31 year old speeding tickets are not an issue (unless drugs or alcohol were involved) but there are many “incidents” 31 years ago that might impact your security clearance.

1987 - a few mistakes - might mean the process needs you to explain what happened and if the behavior continues today.


They are most definitely still doing face to face.