Non critical clearance with confidential access

Clearance Required: non critical clearance with confidential access

In 2012, I received a DWI. An in 2013, I filed for chapter 7 BK due to divorce.

I was extended a tentative job position with DLA. I had a secret clearance with the military before I retired in 2011. I have had two public trust with USPS and now with Department of Veteran Affairs (MBI - High Risk). I have had no issues since the two incidents in 2012 and 2013.

What are my chance of getting the above mention clearance?

Thanks for you response.

If your MBI (used for moderate risk public trust positions) was closed within the last two years and favorably adjudicated then all you would be required to do is fill out an SF-86 for review and if favorable they could grant a clearance based on that information.

Thanks for the information it was just favorably adjudicated in April 2015. I have completed the SF-86 and returned to my HR representative.