Non-DCSA Contract Work

They will be moving most of the jobs there but they are still looking for people to work them in DC. That was the one the recruiter called me about. Knowing the time they had to get things squared away they may have had the time to adjudicate peoples clearances. I see a lot of other jobs posted online for a long time that require an active TS. If these companies would spend the money to get people adjudicated then they might fill the positions and actually be able to do the work for which they were contracted.

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I’ve seen the postings with PAE and GDIT. Not sure which one has the contract or if they both do. GDIT told several people they were welcome to apply prior to the ending of our contract as we met the criteria. I passed as they then said the job would more than likely be moved to Alabama in 2020.

An active TS means active eligibility through DoDCAF. Every BI should have an active TS eligibility. It takes 24 months of no sponsorship in JPAS to become inactive.

I’ve heard a good bit about it. The jobs are almost all in Huntsville. The FBI is wanting candidates with a lot of BI experience and newer BIs with only a couple years experience will likely not be considered. Also investigators will not work from home but on Redstone Arsenal. Once the FBI ramp up in Huntsville is over, there’s likely to be little work, like now. I haven’t heard how long the FBI expects the process to take. Not sure if all this is exactly right, but from what I’ve heard it’s pretty accurate.

I work in Review on the RB Contract and work is very slow!
We keep hearing things will pick up, but when?

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