NSA language test

Hi Sergei. Sorry, I have no idea.
I’m taking my test this morning. Woke up at 3 AM, can’t sleep )).

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Привет, how did it go??

Hey man. I don’t know. I was very tired by the end of it, we’ll see. And there was nobody to ask when the test results are going to be available.
What’s with you? Still waiting?

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in the Army, you get results right away after DLPT.
How long was it since you applied to take a test? I just applied couple days ago, finished the online assessments.

Not recent. I took it in 2019 but it’s still active because my nearest testing center is still closed due to covid.

I applied around the summer of last year, then I got an invite to do the first round of testing within a month. Then the second round in October. I was told I will get my results in 2 weeks. I got them 2 months later. So then about 2.5 weeks ago I got an invite for the third round and I scheduled it for the first available day. My recruiter has the results already, since it was a multiple choice. You would think I should get them soon, but knowing whom I’m dealing with - I’m not holding my breath.
Hopefully it’ll go quicker for you.


Yep, still in limbo…

Would you say NSA language test harder than other language test you have taken so far?

Привет. Since there was no translation - I feel that overall it was easier, but that reading / listening section was definitely harder than with the FBI. It was much longer in time with the amount of questions and the passages themselves were longer. I think, if I had a normal amount of sleep the night before - I would have gotten through it all right, but I didn’t and it really effected me.
And now we wait…I feel that’s all I’ve been doing for the last three years.

Have you contacted them again? What was it, four months since they told you to come for processing?

Всё будет хорошо! If not a native speaker can pass through these grilling tests, then who can?.. Do they have a pass/fail or grading system, do you know?

The passages are in the target language but the answers (if multiple choice) are in English. That’s what trips up some native speakers. Some of those questions/answers are so vague that even native English speakers with solid knowledge of the target language struggle.


I have no idea, there was no one to ask. I feel that I only had a few answers I wasn’t sure about on the reading portion, but listening was during the second half of the day when I was tired and I had more trouble with it. Plus my headphones got disconnected during one question, so I couldn’t hear it at all and there was no way to play it back, so I couldn’t even answer it… That one could mean pass or fail.

“ Some of those questions/answers are so vague that even native English speakers with solid knowledge of the target language struggle.”
Yes, there were a few where 3 answers out of 4 could have been correct… ))

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If you had only couple question where you weren’t sure then it’s totally fine.
I heard passing score is 2/2 and I assume it was DLPT lower range where the max score is 3/3.

Yeah that’s for sure! When I took it first time I thought that the entire test will be in Russian lol
I got max score 3/3 on lower range then I took upper range and still got 3/3 out of 4+/4+. There were even some words in Russian that I had no idea what they mean.

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Were all these tests for the most recent position you applied for? Also, any updates?

Hey. Yes, that was for the most recent position and I did pass it. I submitted another SF86 about 3 weeks ago, so now I have two TS investigations going simultaneously for DOD. Not sure if these guys will take my completed BI from a year ago and use it. I haven’t had anyone contacting me yet.

Thanks for the update. Did you only have to do the DLPT once?

Yes, I only took it once.

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They may wait for the first investigation to complete. Hopefully they won’t have to wait for the adjudication as well.

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Do you mean BI? That was completed last April 2020. I’m hoping they ask for it rather than start a new one. Sorry, I meant I have two simultaneous TS processes going, not investigations.
Last week I called my FSO, who finally picked up the phone. He said they haven’t had any polygraphs scheduled in months, even for people already on the contracts and needing one. I don’t know why…maybe because they are small contracting company and get whatever spots are left from the “big boys”? Anyway, he asked me if I had a CI done and I said no, so now I have a CI scheduled at the end of April. Which means whenever polygraphs resume - I’ll have to travel for it again…but I’ll take whatever is available.