Obtaining Security Clearance.

Okay, I’m 23, looking to join the Army or Air Force. The MOS I’m primarily interested in require “minimum” security clearance according to my recruiter. I have okay credit, a few speeding tickets, no arrests, never been charged with anything. Back when I fresh out of high school, I baby sat for a couple of friends once, one who was in the military. They lived on post. I got accused of inappropriately touching one of the kids, and that started a ■■■■ storm. DHS and on post PD was brought into it. Because it was on post, and my friend was an MP, they couldn’t investigate, so the FBI was called. FBI contacted me, asked if I would be willing to talk to them. I told them yes, and we set up a date. My parents contacted a friend of theirs who was a DA, and his brother who was a former FBI agent. He said even though no crime had been committed, it was unsmart to go speak with anyone without a lawyer, and that if someone is accusing me, I can’t go in niave thinking “innocent until proven guilty.” So I got lawyer, and my lawyer contacted the FBI. After that, the FBI contacted my lawyer and informed him that the investigation was closed, with no charges. I later got an apology from the family. NOW, with no charges opened, no interview conducted, the case only being open a few days, does that screw me as far as any kind of special ops job in the military? I know nothing but my speeding tickets show up on a background check done by the state (I had a buddy who is a state cop run one for me), but with the whole thing come up if I need clearance for a job? I’ve never wanted to do anything mote than join one of these forces, and I’m finally in place with school and my career (Paramedic) where I can do so. Is it ruined because of this? Needing some answers to know which ditection to go in.

You were not charged and you were not arrested. You were accused but that’s not reportable.

I don’t think that you have anything to report on an SF86. It’s out of scope. An investigator MAY find some info and ask you about it but it shouldn’t stop you.