Odd adjudication situation - will I sit in adjusdication twice?

I have been in process for a TS clearance with a DoD contractor since February 2019. In May 2019, I am told the background investigation has been completed. After 10 months of silence, I get a call in March 2020 saying I have been adjudicated favorably, however, requirements have changed and now a polygraph is required.

I say that’s fine, and after some delays with covid-19, I take the polygraph beginning of July. I am told by the examiner that I have passed, and he will forward everything to adjudication. This is where my situation arises. I was already in adjudication once. Will I wait through it again, or since I was already adjudicated favorably in this investigation, will it be shorter the second time around? I am confused what to expect.

Did you happen to take your polygraph in Maryland or Georgia?

I took it in Virginia

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Are you at liberty to say who at DOD is the customer? Don’t know what the “rules” are here for that.

I am not sure I can say. Would different agencies handle this differently?

One can only hope that it would go pretty quickly since they just need to add the ‘successful’ polygraph result. I seem to recall a story of a person whose processing got all messed up and the polygraph was the very last thing done… they got their final adjudication about two weeks later. In that case, there was no change to the requirement, just a realization that “WHOOPS! This person never had her poly!!!” That was for a contractor… not sure if it makes a difference.


I don’t know… it’s just I am waiting for a poly to be scheduled from a certain agency of DOD, and I was told they haven’t resumed scheduling them yet. So I was wondering if yours and mine are the same agencies.
Can someone tell me if I can say what this agency’s name is or is that not allowed here?

The less said the better :slight_smile:


humans being human, wouldn’t surprise me to learn your package went to adjudication and they caught the error you required a poly. Sounds like it was sent back, poly complete, forwarded to adjudication again. Honestly clearance is like one giant DMV. One line after another, 6 pieces paperwork here, 3 more there…

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I would imagine reopening depends more on the location rather than the agency. If you’re in DC/MD/VA I think they should be reopening soon or already reopened on a limited basis. If you’re somewhere else I think the DoD released guidelines saying reopening would happen in increments after 14 days of decreasing cases. So you may want to check out your local and state guidelines.


The location of the job site would be in Georgia, but my FSO at the beginning of the process said the poly would be in Fort Meade…so I don’t know.