Was I granted a TS clearance?

I was in investigation for a TS/SCI w FS poly for a dod contractor. From what I heard is that I would be adjudicated for a TS first and if I am favorable then I would take polygraph for SCI. Thats what i heard atleast.
The investigator told me that I was in Adjudication like a month ago. I have been reaching out to my security officer but no response for an update. Randomly yesterday I got an email with a scheduled polygraph so i contact my security officer to check if TS was granted but no response. Would this be an indication that I was adjudicated favorably for TS

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It might mean that nothing of a disqualifying nature was revealed. However, based upon what I have read here over the years, I think if your position requires a poly, the clearance doesn’t get granted until after the poly.

No, clearance won’t be granted until he actually starts the job and gets read in. Everything before that - you are just eligible.

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Your investigator does not know if your case is in adjudication…Your investigator does not release your investigation to adjudication. Your investigator releases your investigation to review. Review has to approve the investigation before it goes to adjudication. If you were interviewed by a contract investigator (which most are) then your case will actually go through TWO review departments (one for the contract company and one with DCSA). Review is who releases your case to adjudication. Your investigator does not have access to your investigation after they write their report and transmit it to review. Your investigator cannot give you any updates and cannot tell you when your case is in adjudication or what the result of the investigation is. As investigators we are never told anything about the Subjects that we investigate.