IC and DoD Investigation

Hi all,

I have a TS/SCI Poly that just finished passed and a TS that is still under the investigation process. My question is do adjudicators have access to SC and go off of those results or will they continue to perform their own process?

Edit: Should have clarified - the TS/SCI Poly came from the IC and DoD is still investigating their TS.

It really depends on the agency within the IC.

The poly is adjudicated separately by the polygraph office and has no real impact on your investigation. It cannot be used to revoke your clearance (unless you make a concerning admission during) so it doesn’t help the investigation.

Hope this helps!

Tomayto…toMahto. If you show deception on a Poly you get a follow up. If they confirm suspicion of deception you get a follow up interview. In THAT interview they can develop information to deny a clearance. So to claim the Poly doesn’t help…isn’t a true statement. Did the Poly lead tot eh denial…I say yes.