Upgrading TS/SCI to poly

What’s the “upgrade” process like? Will my clearance investigation be re-opened, or will this be just a small adjustment to what I already have?
If i fail the poly can they revoke my TS/SCI?

Possibly… depending on how old your investigation is

If you consider taking a polygraph exam a “small adjustment” :slight_smile:

Definitely, depending on what happens. Now, I have heard of people taking a polygraph, never hearing anything about the results, and then some time later they get put in for some additional access or new program and it is only THEN that they find out that there were issues with the polygraph exam!

All part of our wonderful industry… and not showing any signs of letting up, either.


I just received it. This would be a job change that requires TS/SCI with full scope poly. I currently have TS/SCI.

Yes you can can be denied the upgrade and suffer a revocation adding insult to injury. The adjudicative standard is the same, but the sensitivity of information is much higher. Therefore risk.

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What is this process like? What do they consider a “failed” polygraph? Number of inconclusives or conflicting results? Is it common (so to speak) for this to happen on an upgrade or would you say most applications go from uncleared to TS/SCI/FS Poly and thus are easier to reject?