OF-306 form for background check

I just got a TO from the department of labor and submitted a OF-306 form. I currently have multiple misdemeanors for driving while my license is suspended in Florida. Would that make me not pass the background?

The incidents alone, no. On the whole person concept, we don’t know you or your character and how they combine with your misdemeanors.

This clearly calls your character into question. You don’t feel the need to follow the rules despite repeated run ins with the law?

Good thing though you aren’t applying with an agency that has a law enforcement mission - you’ll be denied at EOD.

Ok. That’s the only time I had an issue with the law. I don’t have a criminal rapsheet or any felonies. I answered yes to question 9 and listed everything that happened.

I actually do. It is was a poor decision on my part but I was never in trouble with the law before and I learned from that mistake. I just hope it would not be a disqualifier. I was honest and upfront about everything.

I’m not aware if DOL has automatic disqualifiers in their PERSEC program.

A lot of agencies/departments do not, hence you’ll get a Letter of Interrogatory (LOI), giving you an attempt to explain yourself and your situations.

Did you have to access e-qip after you filed out the OF-306?

No I had to fill out a few forms for network access after that.