Sf 85 and of 306 timeline

So I completed and of 306 and sf 85 and I got an email last week to for a piv enrollment to take a badge picture and do fingerprints. My question is what is the timeframe that I’m looking at with my background and will there be a good chance that I will start before the background is complete. The position that I’m being hired for is a student trainee at DOL. I did disclose on the of 306 that I have 4 misdemeanors for driving while my license was suspended.

SF85s are the special cases.
How long? Nobody knows. Your case is unique and is not the only case that needs work.
How recent were your misdemeanors?
How many times did you repeat your behavior which resulted in your misdemeanors?
You’ll get a Letter of Interrogatory (LOI).

All was last year and there were 4 in total. As far as the LOI, what does that consist of and what does it mean if I get that?

Google it. Or use the search function here.