OF-306 | Question #12 - "did you leave any job by mutual agreement because of specific problems"

Hello. I scoured the boards to find a response related to this, but I’m now at a standstill. I received a job offer, now faced with the OF-306. I left my last job after 35 days and being told that demands were changing and the originally intended program of training me would not be possible, amid minute personality conflicts between my supervisor and I. Mind you, my supervisor was treating me very poorly and I decided to speak to her about it, hopeful for us to work together as we learn one another, later prompting this discussion.

I wasn’t fired/terminated, but offered opportunity to resign with documented eligibility for rehire. In relation to Question #12 - “did you leave any job by mutual agreement because of specific problems”. How should I answer this? I wasn’t fired, nor did I do anything that would jeopardize my ability to employment. Also, since the job was only 35 days with my voluntary resignation, I haven’t put it on job applications.

What’s the right way to handle this and how should I answer #12 on the OF-306 form?

I would say you answer yes.

Care to give me a little info from your perspective as to why yes, since there were no reprimands, warnings, terminations, or anything like that.

This. It sounds like if you had said no, they would have fired you. Perhaps trying to avoid a messy situation.

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That’s the part that’s confusing, because it was asked like if I wanted a side of mashed potatoes or gravy. Really non-invasive and the supervisor welcomed all sorts of opportunities to use him as a reference going forward. It was very pleasant and didn’t seem like I would’ve been fired, especially considering I was getting acclimated to the role and performing well this far.

I have done this work for many years and my humble opinion on this question is “YES” you left a job through mutual agreement. It doesn’t seem complicated based on the information you provided. If and when you are asked can you provide documentation as to the agreement that if you resign, it would be noted that you are eligible for rehire? Not including this job on job applications is different from being asked that question on OF-306. This is a prime example of what they are looking for. It will open a dialogue which is what it intended to do. Again, my thoughts.

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Ok. So I answered no (before I really knew what to reply), but implied in the explanation section that there have been instances where I’ve resigned from a position due to it not being a good fit for my career goals and aspirations. Don’t know if I can get the form back, but if asked, I can provide documentation on the eligibility for rehire. Now, I properly know what the answer should’ve been, and err in ignorance should I be challenged.

It’s only the OP’s job to answer the question. No security professional I know tells anyone how to a question on those forms. That is bad business.