Clarification on form question

I am filling out a Declaration for Federal Employment form and question 12 asks:

During the last 5 years did you leave any job job by mutual agreement because of specific problems.

My question is, what is considered a “specific problem”?

You got caught stealing and instead of firing you they let you quit

Or if u were constantly late instead of firing they let u quit

That’s a terrible question . . . What if I left a job, by mutual agreement, because of GENERAL problems? Bad attitude? Poorly done or late produced work?

I would venture to guess they’re specifically looking for problems that were caused by you.

If you left your job mutually because your mom and dad died, okay.

If your left your job mutually because something you did on the job/off the job that required your resignation, well then you should probably put yes.

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So I was able to get my SF86 and see what and where everything went left. I forgot I’d saved my eQip to my Drive and found it while cleaning up my Drive, and I have also made a Freedom of Information Request for my records.

I am going to give it another go since I was stopped at an interim declination, and pulled by sponsoring agency, so far I see where I misread the questions rushing through it. I won’t to that again.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I need clarity on these questions:
Have any of the following happened? (If ‘Yes’ you will be asked to provide details for each offense that pertains to the actions that are identified below.)

  1. In the past seven (7) years have you been issued a summons, citation, or ticket to appear in court in a criminal proceeding against you? (Do not check if all the citations involved traffic infractions where the fine was less than $300 and did not include alcohol or drugs).

Here is my question:
I did have traffic violations which total a little over $600 collectively, none of the tickets involved drugs and/or alcohol, but one ticket was exactly $300. Does it need to be listed?
Should it be addressed per ticket or collectively?

  1. In the past seven (7) years have you been arrested by any police officer, sheriff, marshal or any other type of law enforcement official?

Yes- All traffic related but my thinking is b/c it was traffic related and doesn’t meet the and drug and alcohol factors the answer should be NO.
Please advise…

If the traffic stop cost more than $300, report the incident. If you had two traffic stops/incidents and each stop was under $300, don’t report them.

Why were you arrested for traffic infractions? Arrested means taken into custody (taken to the police station). A citation is not an arrest.

My advice is to read each questions closely and literally. I believe you should list any individual traffic infraction that is over $300. And yes, if you were ARRESTED, of course it must be listed.

I left on my own accord because I was being bullied and an accommodation wasn’t provided to me because to my employer it was not justified.

Also, about the question regarding fines. Do they mean the fine the individual paid including or excluding court costs or the fine that is prescribed for that infraction in the law.

Ie: one can be charged with reckless driving and the fine set in law is $1,000 in my state, however, the prosecutor can lower the fine but there are also set court costs for ~$70.

It reads as a multi-quantified question:
7yrs, arrested, $300, (FYI -do not check if not drugs “and”alcohol):

My answer to the qualifiers are:
Yes to time period for Arrest (in my home state a suspended license is grounds for being taken to precinct given a desk appearance ticket to go to
No to all but 1
No to All in relation to drugs and alcohol

Driving with a suspended license is the kind of thing they are looking for because it shows a person doesn’t follow the rules. If someone is arrested, I find it hard to believe they don’t know it. I think a big clue is the reading of rights. A ticket doesn’t come with rights being read; being arrested does.

No Reading of rights involved. Your license could be suspended bc of Driver Responsibility Fees not paid, as was my case. I was not aware that there was such a fee.
Check Points i.e, random traffic stop detail lead to such incidents, Lack of System used by police not linked to DMV database to show payment made. Not carrying proof of payment in my vehicle is cause being taken to station. That is how it’s done in my home state.
Sometimes LIFE takes over and traffic violation appearance date is unconsciously forgotten.
You move along with your daily responsibilities of getting yourself and children to and fro handling and managing as best as feasibly possible.

If your rights weren’t read to you, I do not believe you were actually arrested. You might consider answering no regarding an arrrest, but then providing this information as a comment. That way if it comes up, it doesn’t appear that you were lying.

If you left on your own accord I don’t believe you’d need to check that box. I would recommend telling the investigator that though.

The fine on the ticket. Not the lawyer fees.

No lawyer fees. Had a court date paid fine.