Offer Rescinded "no longer meet requirements"

I applied to an agency in VA and got an offer in December 2017. I’m a naturalized citizen, my then wife was on a GC. I passed poly, medical, background investigation - all clear, no issues. I never did drugs, credit over 700, very few ongoing foreign contacts besides family. No one affiliated with government and the country I’m from is friendly.

Comes August 2019, I divorced my wife. The divorce was sad, but amicable. No kids, no debt, no issues. I hired a private judged who got it done and approved in no-time.

Nov. 22nd, an OPM officer contacted me and talked to my ex-wife and got my divorce papers from court. Again, no issues that I’m aware of.

Today, December 6th, I get a letter rescinding my offers on the grounds that “I no longer meet requirements for the position I was offered” and “I’m eligible to reapply anytime to any other suitable vacancy”. The letter was dated Nov. 6, oddly.

Amberbunny, Ed, anyone: insights? What could have possibly gone wrong? I sank two years into this. I’m beyond baffled. Should I bother to reapply?

This does not look like a background investigation issue but a qualification issue.

Since my COE, I got an MS in a relevant subject from an Ivy League uni - as well as 1,5 yrs of experience at a first-tier Silicon Valley company. This position was for a technical STEM job.

Not sure this has to do with qualifications.

I did reach out to my Senator, who’s a senior ranking member and former chairman of the SSCI. Maybe that did it? Really don’t know what to think at this point.

Expecting the unvarnished truth from an IC agency? I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s difficult to believe that wanted a married guy. Despite the divorce being amicable, was there ANYTHING in the papers that reflected on your behavior or character? It might not even be something that you would think of as negative.

The requirements for the position might have changed. They may have filled the position and don’t have another that you meet the qualifications for. There’s really no way to know.

Is it possible that the SCI program has some more restrictive requirement (i.e. No recent relationships with non natural born USCs or anyone who has recently held a foreign passport)

Absolutely. SAP and SCI programs are allowed to define their own further restrictions where a regular TS holder might not be able to get one.

Wouldn’t I have gotten a suitability denial in the beginning and not almost 2 years down the rabbit hole then? They knew I was married to her in the beginning.

Absolutely zero. It’s a CA divorce as bland as they come. Since there’s no prejudice and I’m OK to reapply anytime - according to the letter, I’ll probably do that in a while.

Not always. Like many say on here the IC is just a black hole and all you can do is hope. Nothing is set in stone