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I am a returning student to an online university and when browsing through their career services, there is an inquiry as to if you have a security clearance with your employer. My question is why does this university want to know about security clearances? It seems odd to me that they should inquire about one’s clearance. Thank you for your thoughts and have a great night.

Steven Shikles

Maybe because it is career services? Still it seems like a strange question.

There are all sorts of reasons . . . They may have a set of specialized courses or programs that they want to market to you. They may have scholarships available to certain industries. They may be looking for people to teach or consult on specific programs that they want to offer.

Many schools offer special pricing to active or former military. This school may offer these prices to others working in defense, or other industries and it’s easier to start by asking if you have a clearance, than to try to list the industries that would quality.

Having said all of that, I have been looking at online master’s programs in psychology. Every one asked me if I am active military or a veteran. Not one asked if I have a clearance. It certainly MAY be that you are looking at an organization that you may not want to be affiliated with.

Remember, the Chinese acquired some of the information needed to develop their own Aegis type navy ship by forming a company, wholly owned by the Chinese military, which managed to get contracts to work on the U.S. Aegis program!

Some universities do not permit classified research on their campuses. That could be a reason for their asking?

In the same way . . . they could be doing research that requires cleared individuals . . .

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I agree that asking about one’s clearance at a university is a very strange question. As I remember, though it has been some time now, that if any one were to inquiry about my clearance, I was told not to disclose that information to anyone at any time. Of course there are exceptions such as the defense industry. Still though, it throws up a reg flag that this university would inquire about one security clearances.

I inquired about this question to career services, this is the reply.

Hello Steven –

If you are a new student, you don’t need to fill any information out for Career Services just yet. This information would be needed as you approach the completion of your program.

Also, the Security Clearance is referring to your current position and not past. As we ask for current employment information and if you have a non-disclosure with your employment that states that your job description is confidential and are unable to disclose, this is a way for us to document your file without obtaining your information.

I hope this answers your question!

I understand their reasoning but it still seems out of place.