Open and close a security clearance case in the new DISS system

While we were with JPAS in the old days, SFOs open the security clearance cases and enter all the necessary information, such as citizenship & place of birth, into the JPAS system. When the job offer is cancelled, SFO closes the corresponding security case in JPAS. Thus, the individual security case ends in the middle if the decision is not made yet.

Now, everything is in DISS. Could FSOs perform the same operations (e.g. open & close cases) in DISS as in the old system JPAS?

I’m new to the game, and please correct me if I am wrong, but yes, FSO, Security Officers in DISS have abilities to create subjects, and then initiate and cancel investigation requests through DISS.

In the subject details, there is a green dropdown menu, initiate investigation should be in there.
Once initiated investigation, the option to cancel will be in the subject details.

If I missed anything, or got it wrong, please advise.

Hope this helps.