New switch from JPAS to DISS

I have been on Security Clearance Discussion blog for a couple of weeks now. Sense I found out that my SF-86 that I submitted March 2018 had questions that needed clarification. The thing is that I never received anything from my FSO or SMO. My case was one of the cases that got lost in the switch from JPAS to DISS. So the Request for Financial Information (RFI) I could not respond because I was not gained or picked up by my current employers Security Manager. (Never received the request) My question is did this happen to anyone else? The two systems not talking to each other…Resulting in your interim clearance being taking away. O yeah what I had to do was respond with an Statement of Reasons (SOR) within 10 days after I receiving the letter(Jan 4,2019). What makes it even worst is that I could have cleared it up with an email or phone call. Now I have to wait to get it adjudicated… and that can take months from what I read. I hope this does not happen to anyone else.

First case of this that I have heard of. But I am not surprised.