Sending documents to to JPAS, before they suspend/cancel active CAC/Clearance

I have just been a victim of negligence on the part of the FSO…twice on the same contract.

I never get the “inquiries” that JPAS/DISA seems to flag on my eQuip. This happened in 2004 at Northrop in which I seemed to have no recourse. (Needless say this caused a lot of grief to me personally as I did not know what I had done - I found out in 2015 while starting to work at 29Palms through my own SA) Secondly is less negligence on the FSO part as I was made aware of the inquiry but on the day that my CAC was cancelled due to a November 2018 inquiry.

For some reason JPAS seems that sending the notification to the FSO is more efficient that to the person who’s SF86 is in question. Luckily I was able to get my clearance “back” within less than a week. But I still don’t like the idea that I don’t have more control on my SF86. I was given two dates of “inquiry” but I had already amended my SF86 and uploaded it before the final date which was reported to the company was made. So I will have to amend my SF86 and do not know the procedures for that.

Thanks in advance.

Did you have a question or is this just a statement?

If you are a contractor, and reporting to a government FSO (likely not as they use a different term), your company needs raise the issue with the Contacting officer. They are the ones who administer the contract and make both government and the company play by the rules. You absolutely should have been contacted and shame on that FSO for failing at their duties. I see this at times when the clearance world reaches out to my corporate office 5 hours away and not me directly. If nobody checks that email or PO Box, I would never learn there was an inquiry and as you know they can and do impact your clearance. Getting any degree of consistency is the issue. If you are Northrup Grumman, and it is a company FSO, your division or branch chief should go up the chain and contact their office in regards to why this is happening. If they have an incompetent person they need to conduct better training. Or fire this person if it impacts their contracts by you losing a clearance. That is a serious situation. and should not be handled lightly by a company depending on cleared employees. My clearance folks would reach out direct to the client Security office if I did not respond in a timely manner for an inquiry. So there has to be checks and balances for this to work.