Am I getting played?

Received a Letter of Intent to revoke from Air Force in Feb 20, placed on administrative leave for three months until contract ended. Submitted a rebuttal to the Letter of Intent, but since the Letter of Intent was specifically vague (for example stated financial issues, but wouldn’t specify what they were; same with other issues) it was quite difficult to answer ans forced me to certainly address even the perception of a problem rather than the actual problem. I was given only 72 hours to respond to the Letter of Intent, so no time for a lawyer to review the case. Rebuttal sent to VROC, one question asked by VROC and responded to in the same day. In order to address further, I wrote another rebuttal statement, two days later, no contradictions to the original rebuttal, but clarifications and important updates learned within those two days. I was directed by the Program Manager, not the FSO, to provide the Program Manager the original rebuttal and directed that all documentation would be submitted through the PM. I was specifically told not to contact the FSO by the PM. Two days after submitting the original rebuttal statement, I submitted the second. A week later I was told by the PM that she would not submit the second one. No reason provided. I contacted DODCAF on this, but was told that only the FSO could speak with them. Contacted the FSO, and within an hour after sending the question to the FSO, the PM throws a fireball email at me, telling me that I am going around her. From what I can tell, FSO’s are the sole party for clearance issues, correct? Having a PM on the same contract that the issue is from working as a FSO creates a problem, correct? Numerous times asking the PM for a JPAS printout, information regarding the incident report, etc, and nothing back. Simply told to let it run its course.

Fast forward to Aug 20, told that I am placed in a LOJ status. No investigation was started, No action taken by VROC or DCSA.

Submitted a FOIA for my JPAS DISS records and the full gamut of documentation to DCSA in early June 20, responded to in July. Awaited docs until September and then told that JPAS had to be requested to DMDC. Received an old PIR, but nothing relevant to what was requested. Submitted FOIA to DMDC in Sept 20, responded that DMDC is no longer the correct office, but to submit to DCSA. Received this reply in November 20. Resubmitted original FOIA, DMDC tracking number, and asked DCSA FOIA to open this FOIA case. They complied, but after awaiting a month, they only provided a portion of the incident report statement, not the entirety of it. In addition, what was provided in the Letter of Intent stated other issues not mentioned in the DISS JPAS incident Report Statement. DCSA’s response was that this is how it was received by them from the agency, but didn’t provide which agency, and certainly created more questions than answers to what I was seeking by the FOIA request.

Why would the incident report statement, that should be release able to the individual be truncated? What other options do I have?

How am I supposed to address the issues when they were not clearly presented to me and seemed to have been hidden intentionally or unintentionally?

As of August 20, I have no FSO support from the old company.

Emails sent to DCSA in reply have yet to be answered for weeks.

What other organizations or offices serve as oversight when the process seems to have gone off the rails?

The issues fell into three topics, a restraining order from ex’s boyfriend that physically attacked my son, financial issues stemming from a possible court fight with ex over child support that was still in and remains in litigation as well as rental issues with my landlord that have been resolved.

All issues were presented to the SSO and to government supervisor at the time I was aware of them, but on the Incident Report Statement, it stated that I hadn’t reported them, which was considerably strange as I provided them the information and they seemed to build a case against me out of it.

If there are any questions about this further, I can ellorborate, but I am really looking for solid guidance and help.

Certainly wish I would have stumbled on this site sooner.


You need to hire a Clearance Lawyer. What you described IS NOT how the process works and it sounds like you were screwed by that PM, who has NOTHING to do with the process and never should have been involved in you personal affairs. Unless of course this PM is actually a Security Manager. Regardless, the process you explained is not the correct process for dealing with the “intent to deny” process.


Can you provide what exactly the process is or where this can be found?