Need feedback, Revoked military and civilian clearance

Good morning,
I am a Army Reservist and DON civilian. In May 2019, I was informed by my outgoing SSA( civilian) that I have 30 days to respond to a SOR regarding my first reinvestigation for my secret clearance. During the initial 30 days span he PCS and the enlisted admin POC became the lead point of contact. His recommendation was, ‘’ show documentation that you are or you have resolved the issues they stated and I will send off the response.’’ I did within 30 days to the best of my ability since it was quite difficult getting paperwork through snail mail living OCONUS.
Nevertheless, I was not worries since I have mitigated all the issues of a financial nature which were outlined within the SOR. I was shocked on Dec 13, 2019, I was escorted out of my office and told to have that my clearance was revoked due to lack of supporting documentation of the aforementioned financial issue, failure to live within my means, trust worthiness etc. I had to read and respond to the notice and indicate my intent. I asked where can I meet with the judge, my SSA stated CONUS, or decline further actions and accept the revocation or again complete another memo along with supporting documents. This I did on 06Janauary 2020. I reachout to JAG for assistance, they referred my to Garrison FSO, whom states, he cannot health me because, I do have a security POC within my organization, I should therefore asked him the questions I had and if he needs guidance or clarification my SSO can reach out to him. You can imagine my anguish, I contacted this them multiple times and I was and is getting no where. On 9Janauary 2020, I submitted my support documents. I found out later, that I could have received adjudication within my geographical area, the deadline as pass for any extension to request legal assistance or otherwise.
I contact my unit leadership of my current disposition at this time, no response, this was done on Jan 8,2020. I reached out a Army facility Security POC and he recommended and provided the key security POC contact information. He also stated that according to Army Regulation, I will potentially be admin separated due to the inability to retain a security clearance.
I have and will take full responsibility for my financial inadequacies, however I felt my current security POC did not and not provided due diligence in addressing these issues to the requesting agency. My 12 years of military and 5 years of civilian service in major jeopardy.
I’m considering getting a lawyer, what are your thoughts?
Or just wait for the final disposition?
At work, I have been temporarily to another directorate until we received a disposition from security.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Sounds like a mess, you may need to get a lawyer. Are you still OCONUS?

Sbusquirrel, thank you for your response.
Yes I am still OCONUS, unsure on the duration due to the disposition of the security clearance.
We were scheduled to PCS in September, and placed on Priority Placement in March.
Maybe too late since my thirty day window closed on 13 January and I provided my basis response on 07 January 2020.
I will get a consultation and see where it goes.
Thanks again.

UPDATE: Still no response from anyone on my Clearance.
Retained a lawyer. They resubmitted my a more formal response to my SOR/LOR.
Connected DODCAF, per their response by email, ‘’ they are not authorized to speak with the subject(me) you will need to again speak with my security personnel.’’

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