SOR Response Timeline

31Dec20 l: I received a call from my PM stating that my security-interim Clearance was being revoked. I’ve had the clearance since July 2019.

04Jan21: Received SOR
06Jan21: Received PW to open SOR
08Jan21: Responded w/ proof of receipt of SOR

08Jan21: Worked with a lawyer on SOR response and provided mitigation proof to the governments concerns (Guideline F)

27Jan21: Response to SOR was sent

How long will it take to hear a response back from the government?

2 weeks to 6 months…


Thanks for the information

March 14th I was notified that the SOR was rescinded



Glad to hear it!

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That is awesome man !! Congrats !!

Did you continue working with that company while your interim was revoked?