Revoked security clearance:Frustrated and tired!

I am a DON civilian scheduled to PCS back to CONUS in August 2020. I am also a Army Reservist. My security clearance was revoked in Dec 2019. My NOI was completed and documents supporting my financial issues were mitigated was sent out in a timely manner.
I followed up with the security personnel within my command every week for feedback since. I queried my USAR security POC for assistance, but they are unable to assist because the case was submitted by the Navy. I retained the service of a lawyer to facilitate feedback on my case. I have requested my Navy CO to request expedition of my case during the COVID shutdown because I am a health provider. The CO’s letter was declined. A letter was sent to my congress woman, who looked at my case and found out my complete file was not sent to the Navy appeals board for five months!!! And my organization needs to follow through in facilitating these actions.

This is unacceptable, I have done all I can do, and excepted my organization to do their part and they have not done so. I am unable to complete my Army requirements and my civilian role within my organization since Dec 2019. What are my rights? I was told by HR that because of my security clearance status, I am unable to enroll in PPP, although not all agency requires a security clearance for my role.
Also, if my clearance is not complete between now and August, what how will that impact on my USAR status, my MOS requires tier 3 clearance.

Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you.

I’m assuming your financial issues must have been quite detailed and complicated for a clearance to be revoked. Time is your friend. The more time that passes and you continue to keep yourself on a steady, stable, responsible financial path the better your chances at resolving and reinstating your clearance.

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I believe I understand your dilemma.

It sounds like you are focused more so on processing rather than content. There seems to be a lot of excess baggage in your scenario- your getting lost in the weeds of paperwork dispatch; the details you’ve posted seem to be avoiding one basic challenge to overcome.

The root problem appears to be financial and no amount of expedited processing can assist with mitigating that. As mentioned above time with an excellent financial track record is what’s needed. You might have to wait the prescribed timeframe before attempting another adjudication.

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Thanks for your reply, my financial issue was related to medical and credit debts which are paid off. And supporting documents to reference this fact along with my credit report was sent to DODCAF.

Unfortunately, I do not have time on my side, as stated I will be PCSing from this position and out of federal service in August if I cannot land another federal position due to the lack of this clearance.
NO happy medium.

Normally they look to see what caused the blip in finances, what actions you took to overcome, where you are now. They had to be severe for a revocation. Did you get a SOR? if so keep walking the path to solid FICO, demonstrate you overcame. One can lose employment but stay the course, frustrating as it is. They should not dismiss you if an appeal is pending.

I’ve always told my Subjects with questions about their situation to read the DOHA appeals decisions to get a good idea of what actions they can take to increase their chances of reinstatement if they need to appeal. Good Luck.

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That information is not terribly helpful if they don’t send the packet in for five months!!! But @weeble is right, there is a lot of info on that DOHA site. Note that they only publish the details of appeals for contractors, not civilian employees or military. But still you get a good idea of what goes on.

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As a Security Manager I offered assistance to all our employees if revoked. I insisted on reading the SOR if I was to help. In each case I was given the run around: I lost it. I forget what it said. It said “insert lies here” When I pushed to see the actual copy it was quite lengthy, and undercut everything the person lied to me about. Usually drugs, a few thefts, and even underage sex. I remain open to helping a person determine what is an actual mitigation so they don’t appeal saying “I’m such a nice guy, because I’m a nice guy.” Focus on what the items are, and look up potential mitigation. If they apply, apply them. If you used drugs, cease and desist and start putting calendar between you and last use. If you can get into a voluntary counseling program do it. Fix the financial issues, remove bad actors and locations from your life. Getting married, completing school etc work towards showing the conduct was an aberration.



Thank you for your response. I have researched a lot on the clearance process due to the lack of support received from my security mgr. I found the contractors’ appeals result site, but yes, it does not provide information on GS or mil.

I have emailed the appeals board’s and DoDCAF, but unfortunately’’ they don’t respond to personnel in adjudication and is referred to the security manager.
What is the course of action whenever said security manager is inept?


Thank you for your response. DOHA decisions are quite insightful. Hopefully for a swift and quick decision.


Thanks for your response. My SOR was related to finance, all the medical and credit card bills were paid in full. My credit score is now 750. At issue, according to the letter from DODCAF to the senator, ‘’ I did not submit a NOI’’ which I did on 13 December 2020. Now my security mgr is stating he wasn’t aware until the senator enquired in May that the NOI was missing. This has caused significant anguish, and stress during the last six months. I trust my organization’s personnel to do their job and they have not done their due diligence in submitting my complete packet.

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Heartbreaking. People’s lives hang in the balance. The system should be set up to correct a government or FSO slop. Please do secure a lawyer and push back. You really cannot demand action against the mistake until you are once again cleared, and hopefully back to work. I’ve known some great folks who suffered a revocation and won on appeal. A technicality should never rule against the complainant. I know once a person was removed from the worksite, the corporate HR would not talk to an ex employee. It is real easy to go persona non grata if you pester them. However, a good lawyer can put them on notice that if the clearance was revoked due to their incompetence…and is reinstated, the possibility exists to drive a settlement. I have seen a company fire a person who was not very nice, had burned lots of bridges. But the company did not follow established process. She won a lot of money from them in a settlement.