OPM extending investigation for concerns

I currently have an inactive Top Secret clearance with a counterintelligence polygraph. I quit recently in January in hopes of working a full time government job instead of a contractor position. I received an offer with a agency who expedited my clearance upgrade to an SSBI. I received a phone call from OPM last week in regards to concerns of a few things. One was why my middle name was different on my social, birth certificate, and drivers license (due to my foreign parents messing up my name when I was an infant). The other question was in regards to asking me if I had ever taken anything and if the police were involved due to my friend telling them that I was with my friend when she was arrested for shoplifting, I was honest and stated that I accidentally forgot to pay for items on the bottom of my purse but everything else was paid for and due to store policy they had me sign paperwork saying I will pay double the cost for the items, the store stated that they will not take me to court or arrest me due to me paying for everything in the cart and simply not knowing but they stated that it was policy to handle the situation in this matter. The store already had a police officer there so nobody was actually called and this was a couple years after high school. OPM took down the name and location of the store and stated that I should be okay due to the fact that I was never cited, no police reports, no arrests and no court (as they would have not known any of this if I did not tell them due to no record of it). Last they asked me if I had their cooperation in speaking to my parents about my boyfriend…I asked OPM what they would tell my parents and they said they are unsure they would probably tell them everything… travel, years together and living arrangements with him. I am indian and muslim and my boyfriend is Christian and black (obviously against the culture), my parents have seen my boyfriend and my brother also sent them emails of pictures of us and other information but they do not have full details of our relationship as I am not close to my family. OPM stated that they are at concern due to me being at risk of possible blackmail of someone possibly telling my parents everything. I am not sure why they would think that but I am just simply not close to them and also they are dealing with their own issues in marriage as my father was caught cheating on my mother with her nephew’s wife for 7 years. I told them everything except my father cheating on my mom, I just stated I do not feel comfortable with them speaking to my parents about this right now because they are dealing with marriage issues and that I am not close to my parents and that they know of my boyfriend just not full details. None of these things affected me from getting my Top Secret with a CI polygraph why is this of issue now?

OPM contacted the agency that wanted me to work for them and asked to extend my investigation in which the agency was unable due to the immediate need of the position causing them to withdrawal their offer to me causing to cancel my investigation with OPM. The agency stated to clear this up with OPM and they can gladly take me they just cannot afford to hold off on the position as they need more people. I contacted OPM no response as of yet.

What does OPM need to investigate more on as I have already stated I was not comfortable with them speaking to my parents? Also, will this be recorded under my name if OPM starts another clearance update with me? Will this always be an issue? What is the possibility of getting denied if they continued to investigate? Which concern are they most likely investigating?