Concerns about my interview

I’m a recent graduate who was offered a DOD engineering job when I was in my last semester of school. I filled out my paperwork for a secret in March, and I waited until around the end of October before getting too concerned about the status of my investigation. I ended up writing a letter to my congressman asking to inquire on OPM for me and then a few weeks after that I was called for an interview and one was scheduled the next day.

During my interview, there were some obvious flags., I’m a dual citizen with Spain my parents applied for that when I was still a minor (Born in the US). Then, the investigator really dug into some disciplinary actions that I reported from my part time job in the Medical field. He asked me if the infractions happened more than once and I told him yes, and he explained to me that I should have reported it the . My response was that my record is purged every year at that job and I wasn’t aware that I could find that information out

Another issue was I failed to list my grandparents as foreign national contacts, as it totally slipped my mind that they’d be considered, since they’ve been here in America for over 30 years, but have never been naturalized.

He asked if I wanted to add any more character references, and I have him my friend and my girlfriend, and today they reached out to her to schedule an interview. This is o ly for a secret clearance so I’m starting to panic that my report is shaping up to be unfavorable. Im trying to make sense of this all. After our interview he told me he would have his final report submitted today, and asked me to send him relevant information on my grandparents to his email. I did just that, but now I’m stuck wondering why they’re going out of their way to schedule an interview with my girlfriend. Any information would be greatly appreciated