Outside the BI Scope Question

Has anyone ever had an OPM investigator ask if your divorce was caused by infidelity? I was caught off guard. I answered “yes” and then the investigator asked if the infidelity was on both sides.

The information appears in my investigation report as though I volunteered the information without being asked. It really bothers me that it’s in the report at all. My clearance is currently being adjudicated and I have thought of addressing it be decided against it.


It’s not an abnormal question.

That does seem a bit pointed. Usually the question is open ended. ( i.e. What was the reason for the divorce?)

I agree that the question is rather direct but it is possible that someone else in the investigation had already told the investigator that this was the case.

No, that wasn’t possible. No one but me and my ex-husband knew the answer to the question. We divorsed 28 years ago… a little outside the scope of 10 years…from what I read it’s only in rare cases related to a potential threat that the question (infidelity) could or should be posed to a subject.