Pain pill usage automatic disqualifer?

I was arrested for Possession of 1 pain pill & 2 anxiety pills a few years back. It was a misdemeanor and was expunged & deleted. Other than me disclosing it on EQip there is no record of it. The city did not report it to any agencies and threw out the only document.
Would this be an automatic lifetime disqualifer? Or of I’m 100% honest about it do i still have a shot?
I fly out for the job this week and signed a paper saying if I do not clear for a NACi i will be returned home. Stressed out is an understatement.

What level is the clearance? How many years ago? What schedule was the drugs? What was the reason for taking them? What in your life has changed since then? Why or why not would you use drugs again? Do you associate with drug users? There are WAY too many variables to answer your question. Were you in a position of national security or public trust at the time? I highly doubt you would be disqualified for LIFE but depending on some variables there may be a period of disqualification and depending on what type of job you are going for … is it with the DEA? Lol

It was an opiod and i used one time. Was self medicating. My mother had just died & we were in covid lock down. I was between contracts and unemployed at the time. I do not associate with any drug users of any kind. It was 2.5 years ago. Its for a NacI public trust low/moderate. Its a firefighter position.

Also, i have not used anything since that date almost 3 years ago and NEVER intend to touch anything again.

I would say it really depends on the particular agency standards. My spouse was going for a firefighter position and took one pill that was less drastic than an opioid that wasn’t his due to back pain and was disqualified for 5 years. I honestly don’t know how to answer your question, he was devastated.

Damn i REALLY hope this isnt the case. I would be devastated as well. That is crazy. Ugh, this makes me nervous.

I will say that it was the agency he was trying to get on with that he was disqualified from and not getting cleared in general. I don’t have a lot of experience as an investigator with firefighters. All I have is the personal experience with what happened with my spouse. Maybe your agency won’t scrutinize as hard, I don’t know.