Passing clearance to work as 1099 BI for Peraton

I’m in the onboarding process to work as a 1099 BI for Peraton. This blog looks to be the best site for info on the topic.

I have an active security clearance and included this information in my application documents. Peraton still sent me a request to do E-QIP and fingerprints. I tried to explain that my security office can pass my clearances to DCSA and avoid duplicating work. I doubt that Peraton or DCSA wants to do another full BI for me, not to mention the time it takes.

Has anyone had a similar experience? It should be simple to pass the information between agencies.


I had to do a new e-qip and fingerprints when onboarding from one contractor to another, but it didn’t trigger a new investigation. My e-qip was just too old for their compliance department.

Investigators with DCSA must have the Tier 5 investigation although few ever need the top secret clearance that the Tier 5 investigation supports. A secret clearance is most often obtained through the Tier 3 investigation. It is not duplicating work in your case…you simply need an investigation upgrade.

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Thanks for the feedback on this. It seems to be going through the normal process, even though I have TS clearance with another agency. Will let you know how it goes.

Hey guys, here’s an update.

My clearance was finally completed and adjudicated favorably by DCSA this week. I just couldn’t imagine that it would take so long when I already hold an TS/SCI in the USIC.

I’m scheduled to begin the NIT course in late January.

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Wow. That took forever even with a clearance. Why do I see online reports with current average time is 90 days? I see tons of SF’s dated October just getting to us in the field now in Dec/Jan. Anyways, Peraton is a good solid company. Lots of work. All the best.

I was shocked, and glad I started the process earlier in the year. I’m looking forward to getting started, thanks for the well wishes.

I love working for 1 Force as a 1099. Best decision I ever made in this business. I look forward to work every single day. Full time employment seems like a horrible nightmare that I woke up from.


Were you able to negotiate your contract with them or was it a set in stone price for a ESI, Source, record etc? Thinking about going on due to the stress of production but uncertain due to what they offer pay wise.

Each item has a set price. If you take cases over 50 miles you get premium pay. If you want to know more I can provide through email prices, details etc.

Peraton pays a flat rate per interview or record. The rates are similar to what has been posted in this forum previously. There are TDY opportunities that pay elevated rates depending on how badly they need people.

One you get started, how flexible is the workload for a 1099 BI? I have a couple other contract opportunities that have developed since I started this process back in June 2023. I’d like to be able to balance this with another project. Thanks for your insights.

1 Force is the 1099 company contracting with Peraton. Most Peraton people think 1 Force belongs to Peraton but it’s actually a separate company that was operating prior to contracting with Peraton. It’s the same relationship that Paragon has with CACI. However if you mention 1 Force to a Peraton person they’ll say 1 Force belongs to them…don’t ask me why. I only mention this because I was relieved to know I wouldn’t actually work for Peraton (not impressed).

They have a ten unit per acd cycle (about 2 weeks) minimum which isn’t much. They do assign work to you, but I usually assign myself work before they need to assign work which is SO AMAZING and can’t even begin to expound on how amazing. You are in complete control of everything and no micro managing bs psyco supervisor ruining your life (you know who you are). You get a $300 sign on bonus and whoever refers you also gets $300. I’m loving it and have nothing bad to say, I’m actually have a blast. You can make as much or little money as you want. I need to be a recruiter haha!

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I would love to go IC but I need the health insurance.

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What does 1 Force pay for an ESI, TESI, Source, and Record? Is there premium pay for driving further out? I’m really wanting to be an indie contractor, but not sure if I want to at Peraton.

New to blog. Can you work for a company and do 1099 on the side?

Yes if you’re only part-time at the company.

To jump in with some clarification; You can work a full time job outside of the BI world, and work PT as a 1099. What you cannot do is work for one of the Primes (CACI or Peraton) and work for one of their subs at the same time (it’s a SID thing from what has been explained to me). You would be issued a SID for one Prime, and a different SID for the other Prime (or one of their subs).

Hope this helps.

You can work for both primes as a 1099 and have two different DCSA sids, so I don’t think it’s a sid thing. Probably something to do with the prime being able to control what other employments you are allowed to do if you are a FT employee.

Yes, you can work for both primes, and you will have two different SIDS. You can also work for two subs, one under each of the primes, because you still have two different SIDS. You cannot work for one of the primes, and one of their subs, or for two subs under the same prime. Legally as a 1099, your “employer” cannot tell you who you can and cannot work for. They can refuse to give you work, which is a shady move.

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How many units is each item worth there? I had one sub tell me their ESI is worth 4.5 and they pay $450, but a source phone was only worth .5 with in person source being 1.5 units. I am curious if it is the same for all subs or if each company has their own scale.