Passing clearance to work as 1099 BI for Peraton

I’m in the onboarding process to work as a 1099 BI for Peraton. This blog looks to be the best site for info on the topic.

I have an active security clearance and included this information in my application documents. Peraton still sent me a request to do E-QIP and fingerprints. I tried to explain that my security office can pass my clearances to DCSA and avoid duplicating work. I doubt that Peraton or DCSA wants to do another full BI for me, not to mention the time it takes.

Has anyone had a similar experience? It should be simple to pass the information between agencies.


I had to do a new e-qip and fingerprints when onboarding from one contractor to another, but it didn’t trigger a new investigation. My e-qip was just too old for their compliance department.

Investigators with DCSA must have the Tier 5 investigation although few ever need the top secret clearance that the Tier 5 investigation supports. A secret clearance is most often obtained through the Tier 3 investigation. It is not duplicating work in your case…you simply need an investigation upgrade.

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Thanks for the feedback on this. It seems to be going through the normal process, even though I have TS clearance with another agency. Will let you know how it goes.