Peraton background investigator

Hello , has anyone ever worked for peraton ? As a background investigator? I wanted to get some insight ? Is it really as bad as the reviews say it is ?

My personal experience is that it depends A LOT on your manager. I have had good managers with Peraton who made it decent. I have had poor, inexperienced managers who made it a living hell. While they cannot change the performance expectations, a good manager can alleviate some of the stress of the job, while a poor manager just adds to the stress. This applies to other employers also.

I personally recommend going 1099 if you love the job, but have issues with the micro managing of some of the upline. 1099 is not for everyone, but for those you can do it, it allows you to do the job (which I love) without the stress of having performance metrics. Just my .02


You will be pressured to work off the clock. FM won’t come out directly and say it but you will know what they mean. More pressure than the other prime and the Subs. Would not recommend. Just my experience

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It all depends on who your Field Manager is. The job is a doable and good job as long as you have a decent manager.


Decent field managers were rare from my experience.


I was at Peraton from 2012 to 2021. During that time I had 2 great managers and countless horrible managers.

Both of the great managers were casualties of rif’s. (Reduction in force)

Peraton rewards managers who support their motto of “do the can’t be done”

Let that sink in. “Do the can’t be done”


Good point. Do the Can’t be Done is literally their motto.

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I always thought that motto was ridiculous.


If you are not already working in this industry as a BI, I would run away as fast as you can. This job will suck the life out of you. Unless you have an opportunity to work directly with DCSA as a federal employee, I would run away. Try the IT industry. Good Luck!