Past security clearanes

I joined the army back in 1988 and was in and out of Reserve, Active and National Guard through 2004. I was working for Justice Department from 1996 through 2020. I held a SECRET clearance in the Army the last being granted in 2002. I had a background for public trust at Justice every 5 years.I have never been in trouble. Want to know how to market myself though I do not have a SECRET clearance. Any input would be helpful, I have been out of job market for over 20 years. Thanks.

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Maybe just put “Have held a DoD Secret clearance” on your CV/Resume.

Yes, for sure put on resume fact you once held clearance, with dates. That will be such a positive.

Held (TS or S) Clearance from (year dates), granted by DOD/U.S. (Army, Air Force) etc.