Pending Statement Of Reasons reply

I have a “pending statement of reason reply” on my account under my clearance. About a year ago I had a allegation brought against me that ended up going to CID, since I was overseas, they did an investigation, and it was a closed case by the judge advocate/magistrate because well one it didn’t happen, and two because there was no evidence of anything. I did notify my security office at the time and informed them of what was going on. I have recently contacted the security department because of this on my account because I randomly came across it and wasn’t notified of it. They said I still have a clearance and they are waiting for a letter from the DOD but don’t know what its about until they get it. I have to assume it is about this incident because I have had nothing other than this happen to me since in Gov service. Does anyone think this is a bad situation, what letter are they referring to and should I be worried?

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