Peraton Background Investigator level 2 pay rate

Does anyone know the new starting pay at Peraton for Experienced Investigator level 2, I know level 6 is $85k, but not sure what the other levels are, can anyone help?

Why the heck do they have so many levels? Is the difference between them only like 0.5 WTPD or something?


Well ■■■■, I am level 6 at Peraton and I only make $87,000.


Yeah, I’m quite baffled. CACI only goes up to level 4 and the requirement for them is to average 6.7 testimonies per day. Does this mean level 6 has to average 8.7 testimonies in a day? And if so, how in the heck can that be done in a 40 hour work week without cheating on the timecard??


sounds like we are all told different amounts, or could be starting amounts?? I have been looking around for level 2 or level 3 starting pay for Peraton

5 SUs a day for level 6. So an ESI, record, and 2 sources.

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I hope it wasn’t deleted by me, if so it was an error on my part, I am new to this

Aha. I guess Paraton does things differently from CACI. For us an ESI, record and 2 sources would equal 7 SUs a day.

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I received a level 2 offer and it was 52k for my area

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For what it’s worth, I just finished an initial phone interview with a Peraton hiring manager. She told me Lvl 1 salary is 53K and Lvl 6 is 94K. This is my first dive into the contract BI world and Peraton is new to me. Anybody have recommendations on what to watch-out during the hiring/on-boarding processes?


That’s great insight. Thanks RB22!

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“Only” make $87,000? Peraton used to only pay $67,600 back in 2014 for a Level 6. So I would say they have increased their pay considerably. You should count your blessings. That’s a fantastic salary for this industry.


Level 6 was only 65000 in my lowly area when i jumped to FedWorld in 2016. 87,000 must be DC or other expensive labor market.

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I’m not complaining, I was just curious about another level 6 making $95,000

I was told level 6 is 96. In my opinion the amont of work required for level 6 would be difficult given the current CE environment which is causing nearly all cases requiring fieldwork to be nightmares from He!!.

The Federal Wage Determination for SCA employees has changed the pay bands for investigators on the DCSA Contract Rebid. CACI got out in front of this back in the winter by increasing level 3 and 4s to the new pay band range. Then Peraton followed suit and changed their level ranges in late spring. It is my understanding that Paragon has not yet changed it’s pay scale for it’s Investigator levels. It is possible to be a high performing investigator with Peraton and CACI in a low cost city making over 6 figures.