Personal Conduct Flag

Hello all,
To try to keep it as short and sweet as possible. I currently have a TS/SCI w/CI poly and have had it since 2017. I as of 2019 I have had a Personal Conduct Flag on my clearance. I essentially want to know if I can use a sub portion of my clearance not the sci/ w CI poly to be able to find a job (any job in any part of the country) or if when flagged the entirety of my clearance is unusable until the flag is lifted? Some background on the flag is that I was charged with a felony May 2019 (not a conviction) and still to this day June 2020 have not had my day in court (not even been able to present my evidence that I am innocent.) This has supremely derailed my life and I am tired of working minimum wage jobs when I have this great asset and I am prior Military SOF.
With that said what are your recommendations if any to be able to use my security clearance? Any answers are welcome.

When is the last time you were working in a cleared position?

security clearances tend to be the whole package,

Velcro Tech:
I was last on DOD mission October 2018, flag was established I believe November 2018.

I was afraid of that, I guess I will have to wait till the conflict gets resolved.
Follow on question, if my security clearance does run too long without being tended to (polygraphs, etc) am I able to reinstate my clearance and is that a difficult process, if even possible (when the conflict is resolved of course)? I was junior enlisted and my security officer did not go into detail about that when I exited the military.

Steep hill. I feel you on this. I believe every agency wants you to resolve issue before taking a chance. I know I tried getting two folks cleared with a felony over 10 years old. Figured I had a 99% approval rate…take chance, learn where the “bridge too far” is. Well, that was it. So I’m thinking until resolved…nobody will chance it unless it is From a company run by folks you proved yourself to in the past. Keep in mind, none of us have a clearance. We have eligibility to work with and access classified based on a BI into our conduct. So being listed as TS SCI for one position doesn’t grant you access to unrelated Secret info with a different agency. The position dictates clearance required. The BI then grant’s eligibility saying “no red flags uncovered.” In your case, “red flag.” Doesn’t mean you are guilty…just that a possible concern exists.


That makes complete sense. That perspective is a clearer insight into the decision making process. As soon as I get cleared I will be putting in for any job to be able to try to maintain my clearance.

Thinking of applying to a position that requires a BI; however, after reading sf86 I have some concerns.

In such a situation, or alternatively, in a situation where the supervisor information I provide, refers the investigator to HR as a matter of policy (this is common, for instance Walmart has such a policy), what is the investigator apt to do–ask for another contact at the company, get me to sign more release forms, or just move on to the next employment listing on sf86 tier five?

This is a very important question to me, as I am approaching the cut off age for the position and I have several problems with past supervisors like this.