Personal Interview after 18 months in adjudication

After sitting in an adjudication queue for just over 18 months and almost 2 years after 2x inconclusive polys, I was called and asked to come in for a personal interview. Can anyone shed some light on what this might be or what it might mean for my clearance? Does it mean that if all goes well I should be just about finished with the clearance process?

They wish to resolve whatever the issue is causing this reading. Honestly, about 10% of my applicants end up with a PI after 2 Poly’s. It is actually a good thing to get a PI. That means you are still under contention. If it was a flat out “No,” you would already be denied and notified. Here is your chance to simply and credibly explain why you had difficulty with certain questions. If it is explainable, it is understandable. Plenty of my employees have had PI’s, and are still with us. Don’t let the fact you are getting a PI scare you. I see it as a good sign. If you have a reasonable enough explanation…you will be okay. If you play cat and mouse and wish to deflect…it will not go well.

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Curious, do you have clients who go into adjudication with polygraphs that were not “passing” (or at least so they’re told) get cleared anyways without a PI? Or is there no situation where they’d clear someone without “resolving” every question, either by explanation or retest?

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I consider Polygraphers somewhat akin to timeshares salespersons. They have a job. Make me say something I will regret later. At times they act like my friend. Other times they act like my enemy or authoritative. Some times they tell me I am good to go but get called back anyway. Other times they tell me I am not good to go…but I clear. So yes I have heard of Poly telling people they did terrible. But they clear without a PI. And I have heard Poly say “good to go,” and the person gets a follow up poly. Regardless if you have a reasonable answer for why a question put you on edge the PI writes the defense of that position. If it is credible.

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My “excuse,” if you want to call it that, is that I was SUPER nervous because of how obviously important it is, and I had a pretty bad cold. Genuinely unsure why I might have popped as inconclusive, as I was brutally honest. Hopefully all goes well. I’m not going to give any different answers just because I won’t be hooked up. Just ready to get this in the rearview mirror.

I’m sure they hear the nervous explanation all the time though so hopefully that’s something they are a little sympathetic of.

12345, I am sure you would come back 1 month after the PI to say that you are cleared .

Then Thank Amber and me ( mildly)

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@amberbunny, for those who got cleared after a PI, how long after the PIs did your folks find out they were cleared? Receive FJOs?

Thanks as always for your experience.

Those usually were fast, maybe 3 to 4 weeks. On a few very odd occasions I went back through the client security office and had them inquire. In two cases they claimed they needed the person’s DD214 (military service). I found that rather specious. More like they needed blame something. If the reason for poly doubting a person is explainable, it is understandable, and vice versa. If there is a reading off the charts and the person insists there is no reason…I find that rather hard to believe. In the two or three revocations we had at that level, months later the folks each confessed to drug use. But if you truly have nothing you feel stressed over other than the poly itself…if there is nothing there…there is nothing there. There is no subconscious rules violation causing it.

@amberbunny did any of these folks get called in for a third poly after these PIs or were the meetings good enough to get cleared? Again, thanks a lot for the advice.

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2 Poly, one PI…a few weeks later it was done. Now, I HAVE had a few go to three Poly’s with no PI. If there is no reason to exclude you, you do not get excluded regardless of the Anti crowd rants.

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Any update following the PI? Just curious

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No news to pass…

Gotcha. I’m in a super similar spot. Felt more like an interrogation, hah.

Hi did u ever get any feedback? I’m in the same boat and super nervous. Been waiting 3 years and now out the blue a PI in a few days :thinking::grimacing:

He never came back for an update? It might have been bad news probably.