Phone call from recruitment office

Anyone ever receive a phone call on a Saturday from your agencies recruitment office on behalf of your recruiter saying… “you’re still actively processing”?

It was weird to say the least.

Some agencies are currently doing that, yup.

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That’s good customer service (if you wanna call it that)…lol.

I have a feeling why they are…

What are you thoughts on it?

Maybe people are electing to stop processing because of the timelines…

Some agencies will contact you every few months, if you haven’t called up to check on your status or if you haven’t been brought in for anything within the past few months.

What did you think?

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Pretty much the same. My wife mentioned that very same school of thought. They know… people are probably considering leaving the process or too scared to bother their recruiter.

I know for one… I don’t wanna keep bothering mine. Especially if all they can do is keep telling me, I’m “still actively processing…”

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Yup and that’s a problem…
They can’t fill up positions if people keep choosing to discontinue themselves. Hopefully these timelines improve within the next year. At least they’ve recognized that it’s a problem.

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Hopefully that is the case… I know I don’t wanna keep bothering my recruiter.

That call bought them at least a month in time before I call/email again… lol (I haven’t reached out since April.)

Then that’s probably why they reached out… it’s been a while.

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My timeline:

April 2017: Applied
December 2017: Interview
February 2018: CJO
(Early) March 2018: SF-86 submitted
Mid March 2018: Contacted in reference to missing information on the SF-86
April 2018: Reached out to recruiter
Mid August 2018: Credit ran… rectified issue they saw.
Late August 2018: Contacted me saying they received the information they needed from me.
December 2018: Phone call from recruitment office.


With the current backlog, and some of the other timelines I’ve seen… I would say your timeline looks good.
Usually you want to count the months since security started. You’ve been in security processing since March 2018, and you’re moving forward slowly but surely. Looks good so far!

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Ok… cool!

Thanks for the therapy session…lol.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

No problem…You too! :grinning:

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I submitted my SF-86 in 2016. Strap in - it might be a while.

Ugh… that’s not promising. :smirk:

@Trey3 Yes, I had that happen on two different occasions. It seemed weird to me but I figured they contracted the phone calls out because it also seemed like they were reading from a script, very fast.

Your message popped up like it was new, but I am thinking it was and old message. Sorry if it is.

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