Polygraph Inconclusive

Is it possible polygrapher would say your results were inconclusive when you really passed? I got inconclusive the first time, and a very vague inconclusive the second time. It was not explicit the second time

Often it is not the decision of the polygrapher alone whether you “passed” or not. Usually there is some kind of supervisor that needs to approve it or some other second set of eyes. I don’t know if this happens in every case or if there are some kind of thresholds, but maybe the polygrapher knew something about your test was on the borderline.

I can see them trying to play head games with you during the test but not at the end.

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I took it 6 months ago and am now in ajudication. Does that bode well?

Yes it is a good sign. It means that you “passed” the poly well enough to move on.

You have to remember though . . . “Passing” the polygraph doesn’t mean that you don’t have issues that can prevent you from clearing. It only means that they are reasonably sure that you have told the truth. If you sold drugs six months ago and admit it during the poly, you can pass the poly but you will not clear.

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How will I hear back if I get cleared or not? Email? Phone?

Hard to say for sure. If you are applying for a direct hire government position, you probably will not be informed that you cleared, but you will be contacted when they are ready to make you a final job offer and set up a start date… and most likely that will be by phone.

If this is for a contractor position, who knows.

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It’s a direct hire. I graduated college in May 2018 submitted SF86 in August. They did not contact all of my character references, just 1. They did contact every place I worked at, but did not contact all of my references. Do you think this is because I am so young and have no real experien
ce. I have never been out of the country, and do not any foriegn nationals.

Often the investigator will develop their own references and they could be people that you are no longer in contact with. One time I gave a reference for a neighbor I never spoke to, didn’t even know the guy’s name… just verified that somebody meeting that description lived in that house.

August to March is only about six months… still not a long time.


My neighbor met with the investigator form more than an hour. He went to his workplace and gathered info about my partner and I. It was way beyond verifying my residency. Few days later, I saw the BI in my neighborhood knocking on people’s doors. He met with all of my contacts and at least 7 more. They all called me to get my permission to share information :slight_smile:

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So I’m currently employed and live at the same address when the BI started. I’m 6 months into the investigation. However, I want to move to DC and get a job there while I wait to hear back. Would doing this lengthen the time I have to wait to get clearance?

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Probs not, as they may change your SI location but your residency would be so new, they may not care to much. At worse they will want a friend or new neighbor.