Polygraph Interview with Other Agency Results in DoD Clearance Revocation

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Many on this site have asked if the results of a polygraph taken with another agency can result in a security clearance revocation with your current employer. The answer is yes if the conduct or issues disclosed in the polygraph fall within the 13 adjudicative guidelines that apply to all clearance holders regardless of the…

Well of course . . . It doesn’t matter how the adverse information comes to light. It’s the fact that it came to light that is the problem.

One needs to be very careful with one’s decision to pursue an employment offer that requires a polygraph.


I currently have two offers on the table. One as long term contractor, no bennies, no pto but good hourly, but a downgrade of my TS/SSBI to Secret. The other is a cleared corp employee, full bennies, same rate as a salary, 28 PTO days, office etc…but i will have to upgrade to SCI/CI Poly.

I was on the fence about which to choose until i read this post. I think ill take the first one.