Polygraph Status "Evaluation Stage 2 Backlog"


Greetings Everyone

I’ll keep this as short as possible, but I recently took a Full Scope polygraph and was told verbatim at that I passed. Currently awaiting to start a position as a contractor, but I called the company and they told me my status was “evaluation stage 2 backlog”. I inquired about what exactly that meant, but I was not given much information (seems like the standard in this business). If anyone has any info on what this means, how many stages there are, or etc it would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I passed a PPR and my Top Secret is currently active / inscope. Should that quicken the process concerning this “Evaluation Stage 2 Backlog”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but with a completed investigation and “passed polygraph” I’m at the end of the tunnel yeah?

Jack Ryan


First . . . I don’t think that “passing” your polygraph really means anything except that the operator believes that you were honest with your answers. It is an adjudicator who will evaluate those answers.

I am not sure what the status means except that you are not yet adjudicated.


I agree. Yes you probably passed the poly, but that has to be considered (adjudicated) along with all the other info collected during the investigation.


Thanks for the information guys. I currently have a current/active TS as well. This is for a TS/SCI + FS position. So I’d imagine this should be taken care of fairly quickly ? Also if the polygrapher tells you that “you passed” and it was a very short poly does this mean they think you also met the thresholds for the “adjudicative guidelines”. My company told me that we should hear something in 2-3 weeks, but its been about 4. However being in the IC game for a bit and knowing about the backlog it doesnt surprise me.


4-6 weeks is what I was told, but it could be earlier too, from as soon as 2 days after (in my case) to a week. No-one knows, but you’re right there still within the average. It’ll be soon. Best bet is to keep following up.


No on the “passed” . . . The polygrapher has nothing to do with adjudication. He’s not trying to figure out if you are clearable. His only interest is your honesty.


Sounds like double secret probation. Never put much stock in anything a polygrapher tells you while you are tested. You are under evaluation the entire time. Even when you think the machine is “off.” I’ve been told I passed, great numbers. Only to get a call back 24 hours later. Let eh system work through the reviews, several levels, and adjudication if required.


Do you mind explaining “double secret probation?”. I’m not too worried. Honestly for the IC member I’ll be supporting they seem extremely forgiving with admissions. I know some people that have admitted to some wild stuff, and their FS was adjudicated within weeks or a few months.


It’s a joke . . . Amber is referring the status of Delta House in the movie Animal House.


:joy: I’m a bit of a younger guy. Missed those films.


Sigh. I date myself. I think all of the major organizations must be accepting and willing to work with issues. They all, we all need work to create a culture of self reporting and mitigating. If we don’t…if we kill the messenger…the violations still happen they just go underground. It is hard to self report. But if one is absolutely honest on the SF86, speaks to dumb things they did…and it lines up with the responses they got, they make note and all is well. It is when people try hiding what is part of the established record or an arrest that is clearly on the books that they have issues. If you smoked dope, say so. Don’t water down the amounts. Once you appear to be quibbling, you are on the ropes. I have seen amazing amounts of non legal behavior overcome by time and distance. Even denials over turned that I swore would never happen. This form is an amazing learning forum even for us seasoned folks.


The Polygraph is now in, insert gasps, adjudication. Been about 36 days since I was told I “passed”


That means Poly is satisfied with no new info to develop with another “ride the lightening” experience (agony). Now they weigh and make a decision. It can still sit there quite a while…


internally screams, I really hope for the sake of all cleared personnel and our country the state figures out something more efficient than what we have now. In my experience with the particular agency Full Scopes normally took about 24 hours to 3 months to adjudicate so I’m trying to stay positive.


And once cleared at that level, please stay on top of financial disclosures, 30 days after clearing, a second year and then every other year. I spent 2 weeks fighting to get a person turned back on…administratively had clearance shut off for what they claim was being non compliant on financial disclosures.


Totally. I don’t see myself accruing any sort of debt with the offered salary.


Just to keep everyone updated I apparently was denied. I’ll reply to the SOR once I get it. A little mind blown because nothing crazy or wild was said during the polygraph. Their method so I guess it is what it is.


Very sorry to hear that—please do tell us what it was (probably not a polygraph issue?) when you find out.