Possible Changes for NBIB/DCSA Contractor

There’s one for the Federal reserve aside from the ones you listed

Certainly would have been a big waste to ship credentials if there was going to be a major switch to the prime contractors.

Nothing would surprise me in this BI industry. It makes a lot of sense that DCSA would want to mix things up and choose a few DOD contractors of their own choosing than these NBIB vendors chosen by NBIB. And the conflict of interest appears to seem legit if Perspecta is creating the new “PIPS” program for case management and the entire DOD database and they are also big time players on the BI Field Work Program.

If this news or rumor ends up being true, someone told me it will be like kicking a giant ant hill.

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Just FYI, I’ll be throwing in my .2c for a variety of these topics/concerns:

My intel indicates that CBP & ICE opted out of the CE process, as they want face to face interviews still for PRI’s/ReInv. (No indication of reductions in ReInv).

I only do CBP/ICE and I’m turning away work as there’s so much.

This is just for s…& giggles:

Former KGS/P, IT told me they have been approved and have been field testing new technology for FI’s (think tablets and instant upload of work). Invested lots of $$ and time and already approved by the customer. Kind of an indication they aren’t going anywhere maybe?

Hope this helps anyone.


I certainly hope they don’t try and give us tablets to do work on, chances are the tablets would be just as slow and clunky as the laptops we have to use. Can’t think of any good use a tablet would be, I definitely wouldn’t want to use one for taking notes

My intel tells me tablets would not be used for anything extensive like the SI. Think NRef, Law Rec, etc.

They will have Check boxes and pull downs with pre filled text. No writing if any

It will also alleviate proving you’re location/date/validity of notes and may reduce note retention. The tablet will have real-time gps date/time/location stamp.

You can then upload report before getting back in your car.

That’s what I’m told anyway.


That will be interesting going into locations that don’t allow phones/tablets.

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They have been talking about using tablets for at least the last 10 years.

I won’t hold my breath.


And a new handbook since 2010.


Will not be used in those locations.

Think neighbor resi , outdoors, libraries, any location where these devices are permitted.

These devices have been approved for use with only limited govt customers.

I know. Just there have been a few locations where I thought a cell would be allowed, only to be told to use the locker. Tablets wouldn’t fit.

Handbook was supposed to be out Oct 1 but is now further being reviewed by DCSA legal. Its not a handbook anymore. It’s a electronic database.

The new handbook has been promised annually since 2010. “Check is in the mail”.

We were told 1 August, then 1 October, then recently, “soon”.

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Agree completely. Just more of the same.

I’ve been a CI w/Perspecta for 11 yrs. Have had recent meetings w/Team Management. No word of work stoppage. Only natural process of NBIB to DCSA transition w/work slow down. Perspecta’s IT contract not connected to their BI contract Task Order. Of course, the Govt. can decide anything they wish to, and cancel anytime they want. Think about this as contractor v employee: Are employees guaranteed a job forever? Do companies sign a contract with employees advising they will never fire them? And/or always have work for them? If you’re a smart and diligent contractor, you will always have work and freedom. I’ve been a govt contractor since 2004. Haven’t been unemployed yet and have made many a transition when one company lost a contract and another won. Keep your head on a swivel!


Most contracts have a cancel clause, it could involve a fee based on reminder of time, or just for “convenience”…depends.

Perspecta/Keypoint has had several class actions suits filed against them in the past. I assume the other vendors have had some as well. Most of the lawsuits that I received invitations to be a part of did not hold a lot of weight IMO, which was a shame, because there were definitely some shady powerplays made by management staff over contractors at time.

Prior to leaving Keypoint, a contractor in CA had tried suing for overtime by alleging that Keypoint treated their contractors like employees. At the time they did not. However, shortly after they won that lawsuit, management sent out a mass e-mail bragging about how they won and the undertones of that e-mail were widely interpreted as meaning “don’t try us”. Honestly, it seemed like a veiled threat. Then, shortly after that, they began creating new rules about how contractors had to accept or reject work. Basically, they wanted us to accept work blindly, meaning we could end up with a $200 for an ESI 40 miles way and riddled with issues requiring 2 days of work. When you are self-employed and operating your investigations with integrity, that quickly becomes a lot of lost income. Shortly after that is when I decided to leave. I hope Perspecta has changed from the Keypoint culture that I left…

Sorry for the long-winded response, but the class action lawsuits have not really been effective at derailing these companies in the past based on my experience.


It’s Feb. Am IC. And I am in South Texas, and have not had CBP or ICE for 8-12 months. Neither has another IC closer to border. So not seeing surge of DHS cases or any here.

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ICE work slow all over from what I’ve heard. They also tell me it’s normal to be slow this time of year.