Possible error filling out SF85

I submitted my SF85 for low risk position last week but realized I might have made a few errors.

About 4 years ago, I studied abroad for a summer and then did another program for a semester. Under education, I only listed my main school (where I got a degree from) not the foreign schools. Should I have listed those as well and if so will it be a big issue? It shows up on my transcript and I didn’t think to list it.

I did peace corps after graduating. Under employment, I only listed the HQ address in the foreign country. I recently filed my taxes and realized there was a USA address that would have been better to use. When they try to contact peace corps, will they only try to contact the foreign address or will they also try to contact the US address?

I’m a little anxious about the process, and hope I didn’t create a problem or any delays. Any thoughts about how my mistakes will affect the clearance process? Is there a way to fix it or make things better?

You should have listed the foreign study - but this is a common error.

The Peace Corps address is just a speed bump. You should have listed the US address for the employer, then your actual location for the job location.

At this point is there anything I should do? Should I try email them correcting my error or will they contact me about the error or will they just move past my mistake?

I should have been more thorough but just didn’t think to use the US address or list the study abroad. My record is pretty good (no issues with arrests, pay loans on time, file&pay taxes, no drug use) so I’m hoping I’ll pass the background check.

Do you think my mistakes will likely a smaller or larger impact on chances of being cleared?

Thanks for your help!

The SF85 is not a “clearance”. Just move past your mistake.

Thank you! Since it’s not a clearance does that mean the mistake won’t affect things too greatly?

I’m very new to this process and don’t know a whole lot about it. I might have been overly worried that my mistake ruined my chances since I read a few things about people being penalized and having their TO withdrawn for omissions and mistakes.

If everyone who made a mistake on their forms had their TO withdrawn there would be very few people working.

As long as you listed the foreign travel then it wont look like you were trying to hide anything. Wait… do you even have to list travel on the SF85?

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