PR: Involuntary Separation category & (unrelated) Medical Marijuana Card

I’m up for reinvestigation and I have two issues I’m not sure how to answer correctly or address in EQIP. The first is I was involuntarily separated/admininstrative honorable discharge. Should I file that as “Fired” or “Left by mutual agreement following notice of unsatisfactory performance”? I never had any disciplinary problems, security violations, no UCMJs, DUIs etc. My unsatisfactory performance was failure to meet fitness standards and my command did notify me that was why. I feel I answered my own silly question just by asking but I want to be sure and as honest & accurate as possible during this nerve wracking process.

Secondly, I got a medical marijuana card when I lived in California in 2011 (after I was discharged). I wanted to smoke obviously but I never got further than just getting the card itself. I was denied from purchasing at dispensaries because they needed to see my MM card AND a California driver’s license which I didn’t have and wasn’t going to get. Plus, I didn’t have other avenues to get a hook up. I still haven’t smoked to this day but I guess I’m just paranoid simply for having had a medical marijuana card at one on point in my life. Is that something to be rightfully concerned about? Am I overthinking that getting the card is in not different from answering “yes i’ve purchased and smoked”? Thank you for any input.

You are correct in that you should list your separation from the military as having left due to other reasons (failure to meet standards). The MM card is not an issue seeing as you stated you never used drugs (illegal under federal law).