Proof of Citizenship Question

I am planning joining the Air Force with a job that requires a Top Secret Security Clearance as a Naturalized U.S. citizen derived from my parents before I turned 18. My questions is whether I need my own proof of citizenship through a certificate of naturalization or if I could instead use my parent’s naturalization certificates as proof since acquiring one is an expensive and lengthy process. Thanks.

If your name is on one of your parent’s naturalization documents you will have no need for your own documents.

Unfortunately, this is not always done.

You can try listing your mother’s naturalization number with the comment that your naturalization was derived then hope the USCIS person took the time to add your name to your mother’s documentation.

No one can tell you to get the expensive documentation. Just be aware that an expense now might save you a lot of expense/pain for the rest of your career.

Do you have a US passport? That might be an easier process.