Secret Clearance Naturalized Citizen


I received my citizenship through my mother prior to turning 18 however, I do not have a naturalization number. Would submitting my mother’s certificate along with an explanation be enough to prove I am a citizen for a secret level clearance? I have a passport and SSN as well if that also matters. I’ve lived in the United States my entire life, I’m just worried I would be denied due to obtaining citizenship status via naturalization through my mother.

If you have a U.S Passport then that is the accepted I-9 document used for proof of citizenship. Many minors obtain derived citizenship from their parents. Not an issue.

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Thank you for your response. I’ve went through the process before but my investigation ended up getting cancelled not denied. My FSO at the time informed me that I did not provide sufficient documentation in regards to my citizenship status so I was very confused when my investigation came to that conclusion. I’m wondering maybe I filled something out incorrectly and it’s just a matter a chance.

You are not a Naturalized US citizen. You are a US citizen via derivation. You are eligible to receive a Certificate of US Citizenship if you want, but if you have a US passport, that is your proof of citizenship.

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You won’t have an issue. Your situation is common.

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