Lost certificate of citizenship numver

I cannot get my mother to give me her certificate of citizenship number which I need for my public trust clearance.

I checked the box that says I do not have this information.

My question is will they give me clearance or deny?

I have a passport but do not have a certificate of citizenship myself because she never got me one.

And I cannot get one now because I need this information to get a certificate for myself.

I am a citizen and I do have a passport.

If you haven’t or can’t prove that you are a citizen, you’re not going to get a clearance. Does your mother not have the information or does she just refuse to give it to you?

Passport is proof of citizenship. Explain to investigator, you should be fine.

We have seen several cases here where a passport is NOT accepted as proof of citizenship.

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A passport will not suffice as proof of citizenship. What documentation did you use to get your passport?

There are rare case where people do not have naturalization certificates or a certificate of citizenship. In this case I have advised subjects to contact USCIS to get a new one( this is costly and can take time) or if one does not exist, explain it the best way possible.

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I am not following you. How would an individual obtain a US passport without being a US Citizen?

Non-citizen nationals can also be issued US passports but do not have all of the rights of citizens.

Type “us passport non citizen” into your favorite search engine for more information.

The passport will clearly state “bearer is not a citizen of the united states” on the annotations page. That can be documented.

Look up the American Samoa passport as those person are “nationals” not citizens.