Don't have Naturalization Certificate Number

EDIT: Thank you for your reply. I actually found my naturalization certificate.

I am looking through SF86 form for potential job I will be interviewing for (which requires Secret Clearance). In the citizenship question, I am a naturalized citizen but I cannot find my original certificate (I obtained it about 15 years ago). Therefore, I don’t have my naturalization certificate number with me. I do have my US passport though. I will submit to replace my naturalization certificate by submitting N-565 but I saw somewhere that it may take 6-8 months.

  1. Is it possible to submit the replacement request and mention that in the SF86 application?

  2. Also, I gave up my alien green card when I got naturalized. So I don’t have the alien number either for the Section 9.2 Q: Do/did you have a U.S. alien registration number? If so, provide the number:

I have been using the US passport for years to prove my citizenship.

Thank you so much

The naturalization certificate normally also lists your alien registration number.

I’ve come across this with adoptions over seas and our client tells us the US Passport is the Platinum standard. Once you get a US Passport…their vetting process is accepted. I wonder if your naturalization numbers are perhaps captured somewhere in the Passport process? Can you check city hall records? Department of records maybe?

Yet . . . We have seen several posters here recently who have been asked for more than a birth certificate?

Thank you for your reply. I actually found my naturalization certificate.

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The two COC’s I have (my husband’s, issued in 19080’s, and daughter’s, issued in 2006) both have two separate numbers on them, both begin with an A. I was asked for both numbers during my BI appointment.