Verification of citizenship question

Hi. I am a recently naturalized citizen. I received my naturalization certificate a month ago on April 13th, 2018. I didn’t go to the social security to update my citizenship status, and I just mailed my naturalization certificate to apply for a U.S passport 2 days ago. Coincidentally, just today morning I received an tentative offer from USA jobs that requires citizenship and secret security clearance. Would the OPM asks for my naturalization certificate anytime soon if I accept the job right away? If they do, what should I provide as a proof for my citizenship status?How does OPM verify one’s citizenship status? I do have the naturalization certificate number however, if it is any help.

You will have your certificate back in a couple of weeks from State Dept… The SF86 or 85P will ask for the information contained on the certificate. You have no problems on that end.

Really? So are the numbers on the certificate the only thing needed? Or do I need my actual certificate and my SSA status to be updated? I am worried because I didn’t go to SSA to update my citizenship status, and I didn’t expedite my passport application…

At some point you may be asked to produce the document for review. You need the number, date and court of jurisdiction. Go to SSA and get that done. Your documents should be back from State within 6 weeks of submission. Maybe longer. Either way you still have plenty of time.